Lifting body and spirit

Hi! We're a yoga studio and holistic health collective offering a range of healing practices to Wellington's busy professionals, government workers, athletes and everyday people.

We view yoga as a skill to be learned, a tool to be used to heal the body, calm the mind and liberate the spirit. It complements our lives, training us to stay present during the challenges that inevitably arise in our world.

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Give it a go!

Yoga makes your everyday life better. Most of our classes are only 45 minutes long. No matter what work you do, what sports you play, or how busy you are, yoga can help you do what you love with more ease, presence, and grace.

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Yoga customised to you

Our approach to yoga is to blend the traditional with the modern. We teach traditional yoga asana (posture) alignments, but through the modern lens of Postural Patterning—a method that evaluates individuals' unique movement patterns and then helps them discover new, more efficient and effective ways of moving.

Poses are modified to suit your individual needs, and the sequences are designed to move your body through its full ranges of motion to alleviate aches and pains, improve mobility, build strength, and prevent injury.

Our classes feature alignment-focused, outcome-oriented flowing yoga, in both gentle and vigorous forms. They also incorporate mindfulness meditation—simple, non-religious techniques that are easy to learn and scientifically proven to help manage stress. Class sizes are limited so you can receive hands-on assists that are customised to you.

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Try not to try so hard*

Blasting through space at 108,000 kilometres per hour, picking up the groceries, and not misplacing the kids—some days, it adds up. So what we do at Healium is practice practicing.

By training the body and mind through yoga and related disciplines, we prepare ourselves to engage the moment—this one, right here!—whatever our circumstances.


Some days we rise above it all, some days we don't. Then we have some tea and keep going. We like tea.

* We take what we do very seriously. But, if we do say so ourselves, we’re kinda funny. Chances are, you are, too. Let’s rock.

Meet our team

Hurry, they're right inside—ready for you!


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You are a thing of wonder

Are you working on loving yourself just as you are? We are, too. It's part of radical acceptance.

It's something we work on at Healium—along with learning yoga and understanding our bodies better and doing energy work, acupuncture, and massage. And we support each other on the journey. It can be scary, but it's also worth it.

Will you join us? Will you join us no matter how you feel about yourself right now? We are imperfect in thousands of ways—we even do this self-care thing imperfectly. But we're here, holding that intention and making that effort together. See you in class!

Don't worry, death is coming

Sometimes you're in yoga class and you're holding a pose for 90 million breaths and you think you are GOING TO DIE. You are, of course, but probably not right away, and probably not from yoga. (Correlation is not causation, as they say in statistics.) After all, yoga is one way of learning to move well in the world, of learning to live well within the body you've been given and the life you are leading.

You’re probably not worried about the neuroplasticity of your brain or the length of your telomeres, and that’s cool, but if you want to live a long time, age well, and go full tilt until the very end, then there are worse things you can do than yoga.

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