This is that rather awkward part where I talk about myself. 

Let's see. These are the basics: 

  • I've been teaching yoga for 20 years; 
  • I have taught over 12,000 hours in classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings; 
  • I am Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT 500; and
  • I teach alignment-focused, outcome-oriented flowing yoga (in both gentle and vigorous forms).  

I like to blend the traditional with the modern when I teach. I like traditional yoga asana (posture) alignments, but teach through the lens of modern Postural Patterning -- a method that helps evaluate an individual's unique movement patterns and then help them discover new ways of moving that are more efficient and effective.

In addition to traditional yoga philosophy, I also incorporate more modern ideas such as Radical Acceptance and Agency/Soveriegnty. These ideas embody in my teaching in that first, you are loved and accepted "as-is" from the first moment. With this, all bodies are good bodies! Second, your yoga practice is yours! How, why, and what you practice is up to you; you are sovereign over your practice. I'm just here to help you out!

 Outside of yoga, I love to go for long walks, swim, and try new things! I'm excited to integrate this into my yoga teaching in the form of Yoga+ workshops such as Yoga + Long Walks! I can't wait to connect in this way with new and old friends to enjoy adventures and practice yoga together!

Finally, I love spending time with my 'boys' -- Ryan and Hawk, pictured with me here. They are wonderful, fun people who make my life truly vibrant! You'll get to know them, too -- it's inevitable! In fact, we all look forward to meeting you!