Yoga + holistic health = good

We believe in yoga. It works. It can transform your mind, your body, your life. When yoga is practiced from a place of proper biomechanics, knowledge of anatomy and Postural Patterning, and traditional alignment techniques (Krishnamacharya lineage for those keeping score at home), amazing things can happen. The body opens up over time (and then the mind does too!). That forward neck from too much computer time, that hunched back from slumping, that nagging lower back pain—these can be worked out with diligent observation, awareness and practice. 

But sometimes something more immediate is called for, something more interventional, and that’s when massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy healing really shine. Of course, they’re perfectly valid modalities in their own right, and sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself to a treatment. It’s okay to feel good. In fact, we recommend it.

This tag-team approach—a yoga studio within the context of a holistic health collective—is what Healium is all about.