Energy Work & Massage

Since ancient times every culture has practiced energy work in its many forms. A blend of old and new, earthy and celestial, each practice at Healium is devoted to drawing upon your own life force to bring about healing on the physical, emotional or spiritual levels.

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Martyn Cook (Mon, Wed; 75 minutes): $90
Simon Edward (Tue, Thu; 60 minutes): $75; follow-up acupuncture sessions $60.

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Acupuncture (Simon)

There's more to acupuncture than needles! We are all energy, or Qi, which is a combination of Yin and Yang. The healthier we are, the easier our Qi flows, harmonising the Yin and Yang. Imbalances occur because of things like diet, lifestyle or stress, and can cause sickness, pain, emotional distress, digestive or sleep disorders and more.

Using a variety of tools and techniques to increase, decrease or move Qi, acupuncture improves your health, well-being and awareness beyond where you were originally. Combine this with simple lifestyle and dietary changes, and things begin to look up!

Breath Repatterning (Martyn)

The way you draw in and release a breath is often an accurate reflection of what is happening deep in your nervous system. When your breath is constricted, for example, anxiety and tension quickly arise and the fight-flight-or-freeze reflex automatically takes over.

In a breath repatterning session you learn how to breathe in a more wholesome way by activating the diaphragm muscle and paying attention to how the breath flows in your body. Directing the breath consciously is a way of communicating with and calming your nervous system. When the out-breath is emphasised, as in a deep sigh, your body relaxes and you experience a stronger sense of being grounded and confident.

In more advanced work the breath is gently guided to fill the whole body, and this pattern can then be used to overwrite unhealthy patterns. It's a great skill for use every day to reduce the feeling of stress and regain composure.

Hands-on Energy Healing (Martyn)

Hands-on energy healing reaches deep into the energy-consciousness system and brings about profound changes in health and well-being.

Blocks or distortions in the energy system can arise in many ways, such as past experiences of stress, fear or trauma. When repressed, these persist into adult life, where they constrict our natural energy flow. Healing sessions clear and charge the human energy system, dissolve blocks leading to disease and enhance the body's natural healing ability.

Energy healing can be beneficial for a wide range of physical and emotional issues. It's also effective long-distance, which can be helpful if you're unable to visit Healium in person.

Process Work (Martyn)

This is intended for practitioners in the healing arts and others committed to consciously tracking and bringing to awareness the automatic reactions and repeating patterns of their energy-consciousness systems. Practitioners are frequently exposed to events in their client interactions that trigger unhelpful reactions in themselves, and these reactions need to be identified and addressed to maintain professional effectiveness.

In these sessions we gently bring attention to what arises in the energy-consciousness system. This awareness evokes compassion for self and others, reduces tension in the body and allows for insight into your deepest, darkest and most challenging life issues.


Qigong (Simon)

Qigong is the wise grandfather of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), from which sprang acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. Literally translated as "energy work," qigong is often described as Chinese yoga. Its meditative exercises are performed in time with breathing and awareness—they can be done fast, slow or stationary, as well as standing or seated. They can be performed individually, partnered or in a group setting.

Qigong is a tool for self-cultivation or improvement, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Offered exclusively or in conjunction with other TCM therapies.

Reiki (Simon)

Reiki is a simple and natural, hands-on healing technique that relaxes, releases stress and maximizes your body's health potential. By activating healthy energy flow through the physical and etheric bodies, cleansing and harmonising systems, Reiki promotes radiant well-being on all levels. Depending on your healer, your experience may include the intuited use of overtone chanting and shamanic body communication tools.

You may find your session an emotional experience, and physical discomfort may arise initially as blocks are released, yet you will receive a very gentle, nurturing and spiritual therapy. Suitable for people of all ages.

Tension-Release Massage (Martyn)

Tension might seem a mysterious and unruly visitor, but it often develops within the body in predictable patterns. By treating the whole pattern, this form of massage excels at seeing any unwelcome guests to the door! 

Sometimes rubbing or massaging a tense or tight part of the body isn't enough to relieve the ache, pain or tightness. It may even cause bruising or irritation. This can be because the tension is "anchored" out in the extremities of the body, as roots anchor a tree into the ground.

By tracking these lines of tension out to the toes, fingers or head, and massaging sensitive spots at these extremities first, chronic pain and stiffness in the more central parts of the body can often be persuaded to depart with very little effort.

Therapeutic Massage (Martyn)

We call it a foundational, workhorse treatment; you'll call it deeply soothing and satisfying. Your body (and spirit) will get exactly what it needs in the moment, as your treatment draws upon a wide range of healing bodywork practices—Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and Ortho-Bionomy—to get to the root of whatever ails you.

You may even feel a bit of energy work happening as your therapist’s hands are guided to give what is most needed.

Tui Na Massage (Simon)

Tui na is Chinese medical massage that incorporates deep-tissue, therapeutic, relaxation and acupressure techniques and has been around for a few thousand years. It works on your muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as on your energy channels, and is as theoretically sound as acupuncture.

People use tui na for stuff like sprained ankles, strained backs, the tight neck and shoulders most of us seem to get, and all kinds of headaches, as well as anxiety/depression, insomnia, menstrual pain, digestive disorders and stress. It's a unique situation, indeed, that'd find tui na not up to the task.