Massage Therapy

>Algernon Williams
>Martyn Cook

Massage just makes life better. We have so many kinds on offer - from the energetic work of tui na to the earthier work of deep tissue, pregnancy and sports massage. And maybe you just want to relax - we have that too!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage is exactly what it sounds like: a remedial treatment using strong pressure, within your comfort zone, to really get in there and iron out the knots! Your practitioner will often use slower strokes to access the deep muscle layers and get to the root of long-term muscular discomfort.
Deep-tissue work increases your circulation, improving immune response and muscle function. You'll feel worked over during the session and light as a feather afterward!

Pregnancy Massage

Many women report that pregnancy massage is the best thing they did for themselves during the months leading up to the most beautiful of days. This treatment is totally tailored to your needs, providing relaxation or deep-tissue care and keeping your baby safe and nurtured during this powerful and tender time in the new life you share.

Relaxation Massage

When was the last time you completely let go? Come in for a nourishing treatment using rhythmic massage strokes, gorgeous energy and gentle bodywork to ease out the crinkles. You'll head back into the world feeling deliciously refreshed, re-floated and soothed!

Tension-release Massage

Tension might seem a mysterious and unruly visitor, but it often develops within the body in predictable patterns. By treating the whole pattern, this form of massage excels at seeing any unwelcome guests to the door! 
Sometimes rubbing or massaging a tense or tight part of the body isn't enough to relieve the ache, pain or tightness. It may even cause bruising or irritation. This can be because the tension is "anchored" out in the extremities of the body, as roots anchor a tree into the ground.
By tracking these lines of tension out to the toes, fingers or head, and massaging sensitive spots at these extremities first, chronic pain and stiffness in the more central parts of the body can often be persuaded to depart with very little effort.

Therapeutic Massage

We call it a foundational, workhorse treatment; you'll call it deeply soothing and satisfying. Your body (and spirit) will get exactly what it needs in the moment, as your treatment draws upon a wide range of healing bodywork practices - Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and Ortho-Bionomy - to get to the root of whatever ails you. You may even feel a bit of energy work happening as your therapist’s hands are guided to give what is most needed.